MIT Digital Money Program Donated by BitMEX Parent Company

MIT Digital Money Program Donated by BitMEX Parent Company

We are pleased to announce that HDR Global Trading Limited will contribute to the MIT Digital Money Program, a program to develop and improve the global cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Sam Reed, CTO of HDR Global Trading and co-founder of BitMEX trading platform, announced the sponsorship:

The potential of cryptocurrencies has always inspired us to move forward. We donate research and development to ensure that the network grows more robustly because a stronger Bitcoin network is good for everyone. Very happy to promote its development.

HDR Global Trading is the owner and operator of BitMEX, the world's largest cryptocurrency trading platform. HDR Global Trading is proud to support such a research project that makes Bitcoin more powerful and enhances the stability, scalability and privacy of Bitcoin.

It is worth mentioning that HDR has always been keen to support and help the work of Bitcoin core developers such as Wladimir van der Laan and Cory Fields. They play a vital role in different parts of the Bitcoin agreement.

The donation is unconditional and there are no restrictions.