Ba Shusong: Blockchain provides a suitable solution for solving the problem of credit information market

Ba Shusong, chief economist of the China Banking Association and chief Chinese economist of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, said that the data on the application of the blockchain sharing credit application in the area has been concentrated on blacklist sharing, but in fact, agencies can More dimensional data information is exchanged through the underlying network of the blockchain. For example, the "silver tax interaction" policy proposed in recent years is to use the authoritative tax information of the national taxation department as a reference to help small and medium-sized enterprises solve the problem of "financing difficulties", and the blockchain can achieve the opening between the application agencies of government agencies and financial institutions. And bring value enhancement in terms of privacy protection, encryption sharing, and transmission efficiency for data interoperability between the two. Similarly, the power company also owns the company's power data, and can also serve as another authoritative information to assist SMEs to obtain loans. Data interaction between the power company and the application layer of the financial institution will also involve similar problems, and the blockchain also provides a very suitable solution.