Duan Xinxing, the founder of the original chain: How to see the evolution of blockchain evolution from lexical changes

In the third event of the [Great China Public Chain] jointly organized by the division and Babbitt, he shared with the original founder Duan Xinxing how to see the evolution of the blockchain from the lexical changes. He said: Before 2013, it was commonly mentioned that Bitcoin “bitcoin” (note the lowercase b), which is considered to be a great social experiment and revolutionary technology, will promote economic freedom and prosperity, the analogy at this time. Matter: Gold / Currency. 2. With the collapse of a bull and bear, by 2015, the vocabulary in newspapers and publications became “the Bitcoin Technology” (capital B), focusing on bitcoin technology, more straightforward, its underlying Distributed ledger, distributed network technology, many bitcoin-based derivative technologies and cottage versions were born, but the main analogies during this period are still focused on: "digital printing." 3. After 2015, the emergence of Ethereum prompted people to pay attention to new possibilities. The blockchain, a long-established vocabulary, has once again become an independent term with analogies: operating systems, contract platforms, and software protocols. Behind this is actually the transformation of the public's perception and expectation.