Opinion: Bitcoin occupies a place in safe-haven assets, and public participation increases, pushing up its price

According to the British "Financial Times" report, the current rise in Bitcoin indicates that the increase in public participation has pushed up its price, which is a feature associated with "safe haven assets." The surge in bitcoin has been in line with the soaring price of “classic safe-haven assets” such as the yen, Swiss franc and gold. The report pointed out: "This is a sign for those who really believe in Bitcoin – indicating that Bitcoin has a place in safe-haven assets." There are also several industry insiders interviewed. Among them, Naimish Sanghvi of Indian news media Coin Crunch said that since October 2018, he has invested 5,000 rupees per month in his portfolio to invest in bitcoin, with a profit margin of 100%. He added that even if it starts in January 2018 (after Bitcoin prices reach an all-time high), the profit margin will still reach 64%. David Mercer, CEO of London-based exchange LMAX Exchange, also said: "Bitcoin is digital gold – it is a true replacement for traditional safe-haven assets."