Security company: Soxex exchange has more than 1 million USDT inflows to the exchange

According to PeckShield Digital Asset Escrow System (AML) data, this morning, Soxex exchange was suspected of running, the current exchange website has been unable to open, taking away hundreds of millions of investors, involving BTC, ETH, HT, OKB, etc. Mainstream currency. PeckShield security personnel based on the partial address (incomplete statistics) submitted by the victim, locked the target asset (USDT part) flow to the discovery, the target address at the beginning of 1G8cEC, 1GLsou summed up more than 1 million USDT, after one or two transfers, then The fire currency exchange that moved to the beginning of 1HckjU was transferred to a total of 1 million USDT. PeckShield is assisting the relevant exchanges to block the levy and continuously monitor and track the remaining levies. At present, there are still ETH, BTC and other assets that have not been monitored for changes, and there is a possibility of further money laundering to the exchange.