Li Xiaolai sends a new coin, build a new group, are you willing to help him pull the head?

The bull market has made many retreats "return". Li Xiaolai is one of them.

One year ago, on July 3, Li Xiaolai was caught in the recording door incident, causing public opinion. Then he had to publicly announce that he was temporarily "out of business" and seriously considered "returning". One year later, the market was warmer and Li Xiaolai returned again. On July 3rd, it became its own IP festival “Seven-Three Amaranth Festival”.

On the evening of July 3, in the encrypted chat software of mixin, Li Xiaolai’s seven or three dishes festival arrived on schedule.

This two-hour live voice, Li Xiaolai not only retelled his investment experience over and over again, but also promoted his new token "BOX" to the lecturers.

However, the past 17 hours from the Li Xiaolai Seven-Three-Drinking Festival, the return of the richest bitcoin and the money circle tutor Li Xiaolai, there was no earthquake in the currency circle.

The netizen said with emotion: "There is no heat in the laughter to send the new currency to the teacher. No one on Weibo is discussed."

In the bull market in 2017, Li Xiaolai used his personal brand endorsement to establish a large group of tolls and sell project shares. This is not the past, a bull bear in the past, Li Xiaolai will send new coins, build a new group, will the leek still pay?

Leek Festival Lecture: "Selling coins" and "selling lessons"

Li Xiaolai has been building for the Amaranth Festival for a long time.

On June 26, Li Xiaolai published an article in her WeChat public account, "We have a meal together!" In this article, Li Xiaolai announced that she would hold a leap festival and hold a lecture on the first anniversary of the recording door, with a price tag of 19.9 yuan.

"If you are reluctant to spend this $19.99, then it is definitely the most expensive 19.99 yuan in your life." To this end, Li Xiaolai also opened a variety of payment methods such as BTC, EOS, XIN, PRS, ONE.

On June 27th, Li Xiaolai first entered the blockchain content community currency, and published a text in the community to promote the amaranth festival. Li Xiaolai’s article instantly harvested 4000+ likes and 1000+ comments, and succeeded in topping the list.

A day later, something new happened.

Li Xiaolai said that due to the large number of applicants, it has reached more than 4,000 people in 40 hours and is considering price increases.

Subsequently, tickets for lectures of $19.9 were raised to $2019.73, and the Ayurveda Festival was upgraded to a laughter class, with an annual price increase of $1. Li Xiaolai said that she will share the topics of learning, programming and investment in the classroom.

Sudden price hikes in exchange for a lot of leek's criticism, Li Xiaolai did not agree, but slammed: "No money can not make money? This is the logic?"

In the following days, Li Xiaolai repeatedly publicized the Seven-Three-Drawing Festival in Weibo, and even launched a customized version of the Leek Expression Pack.

On July 3, the Ayurveda Festival just hit the "2 yuan on the hot search" Li Yanhong was splashed with water. In this regard, Li Xiaolai also issued a microblogging criticism of the water splasher: "Today is the Amaranth Festival, not splashing water. Section."

Compared with the hot sale of 4000+ tickets in the previous 40 hours, the price of Li Xiaolai’s Sanqi Leica Festival after the price increase seems to be worse than before. Until the opening of the lecture, the audience in the Sanqi Acacia Festival group accumulated only to nearly 5,300 people.

At 20 o'clock that night, Li Xiaolai's acacia festival lived as scheduled, and the live broadcast often exceeded 2 hours.

In more than two hours of content, Li Xiaolai not only talked about the original intention of doing the Ayurveda Festival, but also talked about investment knowledge. Most of the contents were in his book "The Road to Wealth and Freedom" and "Self-cultivation of Amaranth". I mentioned it in the middle.

Not only that, Li Xiaolai also promoted his new project, "BOX", through knowledge sharing in the lecture.

"After listening to Mr. Li's 7.3 Leap Festival, the core is two points: the first point to sell coins, the second to sell classes." After listening to Li Xiaolai's lecture at the Ayurveda Festival, paid users gave such an evaluation.

Send a new coin BOX, also want to pull XIN?

The time of the BOX was very clever. It was on the evening of July 3 that Li Xiaolai launched the SGD in the official website of his new project. is the masterpiece of Li Xiaolai's coming out of the currency circle. Two months ago, Li Xiaolai sent an e-mail to the old user group of, launched its one-stop investment research community, and set a threshold of RMB 1 to RMB 1 million for digital currency positions.

In the first sentence of his introduction, BOX admits that the project was “designed and distributed by Li Xiaolai”.

On the evening of the Seven-Three-Drinking Day, Li Xiaolai repeatedly raised the point that investors should “find multiple targets to rationalize risks”.

BOX is a fund product that anchors multiple token assets. wrote in the official website that BOX anchors BTC, EOS and XIN, and the name of the BOX is also taken from these three tokens. The total number of BOX releases is 200 million, and each BOX token consists of 0.0001 BTC, 0.15 EOS, and 0.0008 XIN.

BOX holders will receive 50% of the secondary market fee. For those who hold the BOX for a long time and who can complete the fixed investment plan, will issue its own shares as an incentive and is currently scheduled to be issued in 7 years.

After launching the BOX, has also changed from an investment community to an “open and transparent ETF trading platform”. Li Xiaolai said: " becomes an ETF exchange, and the meaning of B is BOX."

To put it simply, if an investment wants to invest in "BOX", it must be replaced with a certain percentage of BTC, EOS, and XIN tokens. Compared with the well-known BTC and EOS, XIN is not well known.

XIN is actually a token of the Mixin Network. Before that, Li Xiaolai once disclosed that he was participating in a blockchain project in the live broadcast of his "New Book First Public Interpretation", which was confirmed to be Mixin.

Founded in November 2017, Mixin Network is a lightning network that links all blockchain assets, enabling cross-chain asset transactions in the network. Li Xiaolai has repeatedly used the platform for the project in public, claiming to be one of the "earliest investors" of the project. Mixin's behind-the-scenes team is also full of mint, coin capital partners, old cats and other old people.

XIN was released in November 2017, and Mixin called XIN a token for developers.

Mixin also launched Mixin Messenger based on the Mixin Network-based chat software + wallet application. Li Xiaolai's lecture on the Seven-Three-Drinking Festival was held on Mixin Messenger. In addition, users who want to purchase BOX also need to install and register the Mixin Messenger account.

Li Xiaolai also did not shy away from the fact that he played "hard and wide" for Mixin: "You can of course take this choice as a hard and wide, especially hard, harder than diamond."

Li Xiaolai binds the new project BOX to Mixin so closely. The self-media evaluation named “The Currency Data Official Weiwei”: “Li Xiaolai casually sent an air coin, asking you to buy it from BTC and EOS. As for XIN, he wants to promote the price of the coin.”

The evaluation from the media BTC sniper is even sharper: "Alai teacher is eyeing the CX disk, resolutely decided to do one himself and use his junk currency for your bitcoin."

When asked about the relationship between Li Xiaolai and Mixin, Mixin COO Mint said to the Odaily Planet Daily: "Mr. Li is our investor, the previous company that has invested in Mixin CEO, and is doing overseas mobile game SHOU.TV, he It is about 5% of Luo Yonghao's shares."

Li Xiaolai believes that he has previously worked on ETF products. The example he cited was a candy box Candy, which was launched in early 2018. Candy is a kind of airdrop tokens that are issued by different project parties, which lock their respective candy to the same address and jointly issued, totaling one trillion.

In the Leek Festival lecture, Li Xiaolai also took the lead in setting an example, and in the group, he had his own record of successfully converting 100 BTC, 150,000 EOS and 800 XIN to 1 million BOX.

The Odaily Planet Daily reported the coinmarketcap data and found that the XIN token is currently quoted at $296.81, a 24-hour increase of 0.46%, and the XIN currency price has not been provoked by the BOX.

After the bulls and bears, will the laver pay the bill?

Different from the momentum at the time of the announcement, Li Xiaolai’s Seven-Three-Drinking Festival failed to shake the waves.

This is true. After 17 hours from the Li Xiaolai Seven-Three-Drinking Festival, there are only a handful of contents discussing the Seven-Three-Drinking Festival on the media platforms of the major currency circles. Few media have reported on Li Xiaolai’s remarks at the Ayurveda Festival.

People can't help but sigh: the new currency that is being platformed by the big guys is no longer the scene, and the IP endorsement of the currency circle has gone.

Some netizens expressed their feelings: "There is no heat in the laughter to send the new currency to the teacher. No one on Weibo has discussed it."

"The former dynasty… can't cut the original dynasty." The netizen "Fake Zeng Zexue" commented like this.

A year ago, some projects were smashed out of the currency circle and stood on the platform, so that they could get a leap of leeks and the institutions also entered the field. Nowadays, even in the current bull market, it is difficult to reproduce the madness of the time.

"I can think of the most romantic thing, that is, to get rich with you slowly." Li Xiaolai summed up in the lecture. The core of laughing is to teach everyone to get rich, but many phenomena are showing that the era of the endorsement of the currency circle It is becoming a thing of the past, and the amaranth grows smarter in one bull after another.

When asked if they would enter the BOX, most of the leeks revealed hesitation to the Odaily Planet Daily.

“I don’t understand what the value behind the investment BOX is. If it is to share the investment risk, it’s not good to buy the three coins behind it directly?” Some investors have doubts about the value of the BOX.

Some people are relatively optimistic: "If you want to vote for the three coins behind the BOX, you can buy."

"Laughing to the teacher's class is very good, but if you listen to the class and buy the teacher's coin, it means you have not learned home." A senior leek commented.

An investor said: "If you laugh at the teacher, you must listen; don't buy the coins recommended by the teacher."

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