In 2019, will the speculators still have a chance to get 100 times the income?

In 2019, will the speculators still have a chance to get 100 times the income?

Many of the coin-operated friends around me lost their underwear last year. The micro-letter circle opened up a tragic meeting.

Some 200,000 people are now only tens of thousands of dollars. The most exaggerated loss is 20,000 yuan to buy the coin ZIB now only has a market value of tens of dollars, and friends around 100 yuan to buy grapefruit. It is a history of blood and tears.

Many people are annoyed and said: "I was fine if I cleared the position at a high point!"

There is no regret medicine in the world.

The currency circle has been ups and downs, and there is no investment style of its own. Even if there is a big bull market, it will be cut off.

There is a famous investment fund in the currency circle called Pentera Capital. Absolutely at the top of the food chain.

In October of this year, this fund has lost 70% this year, and in November and this month, the bitcoin crash has fallen a lot, and the loss is even bigger, it is estimated to have 90%. It’s similar to the white circle.

This is the same fund. In the big bull market last year, it has achieved a 200-fold profitable performance.

The long-term profit and loss, the long-term strategy to help the fund make money last year, this year will also become a strategy that causes it to lose money.

This fund has been investing in cryptocurrency for five years. It is definitely a veteran of the currency circle. It has crossed the currency circle and has two rounds of bulls and bears.

Then, if you don’t want to ask the top three investment funds in the world for such a currency circle, don’t you understand the basic investment stop loss?

Fund CEO Morehead pointed out:

At this stage is the seventh bear market experienced by Bitcoin. Although we may see the price getting lower and lower, the market will rebound rapidly within 10 to 12 months. He said that since the birth, bitcoin prices have steadily increased.

It may be a downturn in the industry, and I think it will return to its peak.

From the words of the fund CEO, it is easy to see that his investment style is a long-term investment style, and he is not too concerned about the fluctuations in the short-term market. This may be the real reason why the fund has earned 100 times in the five-year currency.

Many traders have long since bid farewell to the currency circle, focusing on the short-term fluctuations in the market. There are almost no more than a few rounds of bulls.

The true winners of the investment currency are those who really believe in cryptocurrencies.

"The first richest bitcoin" Li Xiaolai, in 2011, the price of 18,000 US dollars purchased 108,000 bitcoins has not been moved. It is very shocking, no matter what the character of Li Xiaolai is, but his investment in the currency circle is really superb.

Buffett said: The investment is very simple, just buy at a low price and hold it in a long line.

Yes, investment does not seem difficult, "buy low prices, long-term holding", only buy once, only sell once, not too bad, or simply do not sell, use time to change space.

As long as we buy a good currency at this low price in the bear market, long-term holdings wait until the big bull market, then 100 times the income may be possible.

So what is worth ambushing?

In addition to the currency king BTC and mainstream currency, the most valuable is the platform coin, the initial offer price is low but there is a great chance to complete the 100-dollar increase.

The first condition for choosing a hundred times of coins is to choose the platform, WOEx (https://woex

The .co/) exchange has been officially launched and has a US MSB license to lay a good foundation for compliance operations. WOEx will unite with the world's six major exchanges to achieve multi-platform resource integration.

At present, the WOEx platform has mainstream currencies such as BTC, ETH, EOS, BCH, and LTC. At that time, the exchange will be equipped with a professional market value management team to protect profits.

The platform with the most promising 100-dollar coins is in front of us. Don't let go of the leek, sometimes it is more important than hard work. (Coin World)