Market Analysis: USDT is not able to stop the rapid diving of BTC

The current rise in Bitcoin suggests that increased public participation has pushed up prices, a feature associated with “safe haven assets”. The surge in bitcoin has been in line with the soaring price of “classic safe-haven assets” such as the yen, Swiss francs and gold, indicating that Bitcoin has a place in safe-haven assets.

Another important news is that Bitcoin completed a round of large-scale employee option contract signing at the end of June. “Before joining the Bitland and before the October 2015 core development staff, there were options. This time, it is still in the company in early 2018, and there are certain levels of people who have options, almost all of them.” A person close to the core of the Bitt mainland said that the move is preparing for listing in the United States. Previously, Bitland hopes to seek listing in Hong Kong, but unfortunately, due to irresistible factors, the listing plan for Hong Kong has been stranded. This time, the US listing plan will be restarted. Once it is successfully listed, it will be a milestone event for the cryptocurrency market. This indicates that the supervision is further clear and the price of BCH will be repaired.


At about 6 pm yesterday, TEDA re-issued 100 million USDTs in the Ethereum network. This is only a few days before the last issuance. Is there an institutional presence or a new investor entering the market? Still have to look at the next trend, who is the target of this issuance, the last additional is near $9,700, the market has made a small double bottom and quickly pulled up to form this wave of rebound, but this issuance is ushered in The BTC’s rapid diving in early trading today has fallen to $11,200. In the front, we have always thought that the market is a three-wave down trend, but now it may be a five-wave structure. The four-wave rebound is quite strong and may be $9,700 is a double-base support. If it falls below the support of the low of $9,700, it will return to the support of $9,000. The 5 antennas will continue to exert pressure on the price of the currency. The macd indicator will form a trend of ducks opening their mouths. The pre-judgment remains unchanged.

The 5 antennas and 10 antennas of ETH ETH are all running downwards. The macd indicator is diverging downwards. The BOLL line has fallen below the support of the middle rail. It is very likely to test the support of the lower rail. It is expected to follow the uplink of the BTC. I’m going to test the pressure of $320, but the target’s trend is weaker than I thought. I’ve already physically pumped back the $320 pressure level and have successfully broken through the support of the $300 integer mark. I think the target will continue to test. The support level of $275 may not effectively stop falling at this point, and may continue to fall to the important pressure of $225.


EOS is currently oscillating around 5.7 US dollars. The current trend is still a head and shoulders shape, and the shape of the head and shoulders is basically established. The short-term and medium-term moving averages of the target have turned heads down, and the macd indicator has dropped to zero axis. Under the weak range, the trend continues to bearish. I personally think that the neckline of the head and shoulders of $5.7 cannot be effectively supported, or that we should continue to open the bottom of the road and observe whether it can stabilize and stabilize near $5.


BNB neither followed the BTC rebound nor followed its decline. It completely took an independent trend, which means that the market's influence on it is weakening. The target may still go independent. Before we think that the target will follow the BTC outlet. It fell, but the target did not fall below the channel line on the flag, and it is likely to continue to run along the channel. In that case, the fundamental logic of investment is the investment team, but the increase in the short term is indeed too big. It is not recommended to chase after the increase. It can be followed for a long time. If the price falls below 30 US dollars, the adjustment will be carried out at a large level, paying attention to risks.

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