Australian law firm JPB Liberty launches $500 billion global class action lawsuit against three social giants' encrypted advertising ban

On July 5th, the Australian litigation financing company JPB Liberty launched a $500 billion class action lawsuit against cryptocurrency advertising bans on Facebook, Google and Twitter. Anyone affected by the 2018 encryption winter can be registered as a member of a class action lawsuit. It is reported that this figure is more than twice the amount of the largest class action settlement in the US tobacco industry in 1998, and the settlement amount was $206 billion. As the plaintiff's representative, JPB has sent legal letters to Facebook, Google and Twitter to inform them of the damages. JPB claims that investors lost more than $350 billion and lost foreign exchange earnings by more than $150 billion. Note: On January 30, 2018, Facebook banned all cryptocurrency ads in accordance with its banned financial services policy. At that time, the cryptocurrency market fell by 53%. On March 14, Google also announced a ban on cryptocurrency ads, and the encryption market price fell another 30%. On March 27th, Twitter joined the ranks, causing the cryptocurrency to fall another 23%. On June 26, 2018, the ban on cryptographic currency advertising was amended to allow some advertisements to enter. However, JPB Liberty believes that the ban was intentionally set up to suppress Libra competitors.