KuCoin officially announced the election than the original chain Bystack node

KuCoin, the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange, officially announced that the campaign will contribute to the future security and stability of ByStack than the original Bystack node. KuCoin operates a user community in multiple regions around the world and has more than 5 million registered users from more than 100 countries and regions, providing more vitality for the future development of the Bystack Ecology. KuCoin attaches great importance to independent research and development, and has the necessary technical strength as a node to face the multiple challenges of performance security. Bystack is based on the blockchain BaaS platform than the original chain, which helps users quickly create, manage and maintain enterprise-level blockchain networks and commercial blockchain applications. Through this election, the two sides will jointly develop the blockchain landing scene to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results in various aspects such as technology and operation. At the same time, KuCoin indicated that 90% of the node's revenue will be returned to the voter, and the BTM holder can go to the Bycoin wallet to vote.