Analysis: This round of bull market may not usher in the altcoin season

According to CCN news on July 5, historically, the rise of Bitcoin will bring a parabolic rise in the altcoin, but this round of bull market may not usher in the "alt season". Top 20 bitcoins like XRP, EOS, XLM, BSV, etc., if they can't make a major breakthrough in reality, will fall far behind Bitcoin in this round of bull market. Hundreds of altcoins will also disappear completely. There are three main reasons: 1. The current market melody has shifted from “blockchain, not bitcoin” to “bitcoin, not blockchain”, and the inflow of institutional funds will not buy altcoin; 2. This market There is no amateur seasonal catalyst (ICO) similar to 2017; 3. Traders will turn to the growing bitcoin derivatives market, not the altcoin.