Li Guoquan: Libra coins bring a rare opportunity for the world to replace sovereign currency as an international currency.

Today, Li Guoquan, a professor of financial technology and blockchain at Singapore's New Yueshe University, said that we feel that Libra has brought a rare opportunity for the world to replace sovereign currencies such as the US dollar as an international currency. After the global financial crisis broke out, in the study of super-sovereign currency, there were people who reformed the International Monetary Fund's Special Drawing Rights (SDR) to enable it to become a super-sovereign world currency for research or exploration to supplement the current international currency. The system has inherent flaws. However, due to various reasons, especially in the case that it is difficult to obtain the support of vested interests such as the United States and the United Kingdom, there is basically no practical progress. Now with such a global monetary program based on a broad user base and managed jointly by the association (rather than a single central bank), we may wish to set the most ideal goal – a global multinational central bank, international financial governance organization Economic organizations, enterprises, non-governmental organizations and even academics work together to build a super-sovereign, truly "distributed, non-centralized" international currency that provides fairness and stability for the global economy and international trade and investment. Payment and value delivery services.