Xu Kun, Vice President of OK Strategy: The total amount of Jack Muyun's first launch is 500 million BLOC, and each account has a maximum reservation of 1 million BLOCs.

Today (April 9), Xu Kun, vice president of OK Strategy, announced on the Jumpstart live show that the first phase of the upcoming project, the building block BLOC, will be issued at a total of 500 million BLOCs. The initial price is $0.005, which is higher than the private price. 30% lower. At the same time, in order to ensure fairness, an appointment limit will be set, and each account can reserve up to 1 million BLOCs. BLOC will be officially launched on April 10th at 20:00. The snapshot time for the reservation winning factor is 18:00 every night from April 4th to April 10th.