Qin Qin Haoming: In the blockchain world, information flow is completely equal to capital flow

On the afternoon of July 5th, at the closed-door seminar on “Guarding Digital Asset Security” held by Babbitt, Cheng Yao, senior director of currency watching, pointed out that in addition to the tracking of stolen assets afterwards, pre-protection measures are also very important. He believes that it is necessary to exchange information with investors. In addition, you can try to establish a blacklist for internal information sharing. At the same time, you can choose to form a specific alliance to certify member companies. Finally, you must set up a corresponding fund for follow-up. Responsibility and investor service issues. Chen Haoming, the product director of Digital, said that the transfer of funds in the traditional world is the transfer of capital flow. In the Internet world, the flow of information is first, the flow of funds is behind, and the world of blockchain is in the world. The flow of information is completely equal to the flow of funds. . Since there is no authority in the blockchain world, we need to restructure the new organization, establish a worldwide authoritative alliance, and endorse the data from the state and government levels, thus improving the credibility of the relevant data, which can play a role in forensics. The role.