Data show: Bitfinex Bitcoin short position fell 27% yesterday (April 8) to the low of the year

On April 8, Bitcoin short positions in the Bitfinex exchange suddenly fell by 27% recently, which led people to believe that as Bitcoin exceeds $5,000, more and more shorts are beginning to turn into bullish bitcoins. The data shows that Bitfinex short positions have dropped rapidly from 23,000 BTCs to 17,000 short positions to the lowest point of the year, while at the same time long positions seem to be increasing, but the price of Bitcoin has not changed significantly, has been at 5250 USDT nearby. This phenomenon has also triggered a hot debate in the market. Some Twitter users think this has caused a panic in the bear market. Others believe that this may indicate that large traders are converting the sell order into a buy order. But there are also assumptions about price manipulation.