BlueChain, the winner of the original development contest, brings sustainable development to a new era with blockchain

With the approach of the finals of the 2019 Global Developers Competition, it has attracted applications from developers and development teams from the United States, Russia, India, Venezuela, Zambia, Taiwan and other countries and regions.

As the original chain that has been actively building a developer community, when it held its first annual global developer competition in 2018, it gained the attention of developers around the world and became the first large blockchain technology development event in China, attracting Nearly 100 developers from the United States, South Korea, Europe, China and other places participated in the competition, and finally 16 teams entered the finals and divided the bonus of 2 million BTM. The participating teams have developed a number of projects such as decentralized digital asset flashing platform, sewage management asset system, automobile data management platform and blockchain browser.

Among them, the BlueChain team from Greece broke through the 16 final teams based on comprehensive evaluations based on innovation, product completion, blockchain fit, value scale, user friendliness, technical difficulty, and community governance. prize.

As a application based on the original smart contract, BlueChain creates a transparent and decentralized system to improve water pollution control by digitizing and chaining environmental resources to open up government, industrial enterprises, natural environment and scientific research communities. The project is dedicated to the digitization of environmental resource markets and the optimization of environmental governance. Its assets include the biocapacity of water resources, industrial waste and the environment.

The current case study and demonstration work of the project is also focused on the Yangtze River Basin, but the project team said that the BlueChain system can be easily extended to other water ecosystems. By maintaining a smart contract network of government, industry, research teams and environmental sectors, a country can implement an optimized environmental resource control system that promotes environmentally friendly economic growth and proper waste management.

This is reflected in the scientific community's sampling and analysis of contaminant saturation and interaction with environmental areas through smart contracts, while the regulatory agency redirects industry and its waste to the best and most sustainable treatment areas. At the same time, according to the highest standards issued by the scientific community, the water resources are requested from the environment, and users are encouraged by the government-issued incentive system, BlueCoin.

“All processes are transparent, visible to everyone, and ultimately form a sustainable, environmentally friendly blockchain economic growth system that benefits the people and their land,” said the BlueChain team.


As a large-scale management system for environmental resources using blockchain technology, BlueChain has received many attentions from the European Union, the United Arab Emirates and other regions. In April of this year, BlueChain was selected as the world's top 20 in the future blockchain summit in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and was invited to participate in the “Global Blockchain Challenge” organized by Samart Dubai to explore partnerships. And synergy with the Dubai government to help Smart Dubai achieve full digitalization by 2020.

Dimitris, a member of the BlueChain team, said that in this management system, there are multiple assets that represent the carrying capacity of water, industrial wastewater and water environment. More focused on the asset chain than the original chain, faster than other public chain transactions, and easier to achieve asset rights and distribution, making this multi-asset application possible. After 2018, the BigChain has taken another step in the practical application field than the original global developer contest.


In the 2018 Global Developer Contest, more than the original project can be found in social life, sewage treatment, electronic contracts, housing leasing, asset trading, agricultural insurance and other real life scenarios. As the original chain Bystack is about to be the main online line, the blockchain is one step closer to commercialization.

The final of the 2019 Global Developer Contest will be held on August 24th in San Francisco, USA. The BTM of the first prize of the competition is up to 30,000 US dollars. In order to attract more outstanding overseas developers, there will be several events in the United States to recruit more outstanding developers than the original link. At the same time, the rewards for recommending developers have also been greatly improved this year. The contestants who have confirmed the valid entries will receive a BTM equivalent of $500.

On July 9th, BlueChain will also conduct AMA activities on the community and on Twitter. More detailed information about BlueChain and 2019 than the original chain developer contest content, can be more in-depth communication in the AMA.

Currently, the team is continuously recruiting excellent developers than the original global development competition. More information and registration can be found on the official website of the competition: