The bull market is coming, do you want to wait and see if you want to buy a mining machine?

The mining machinery industry chain price increase, buy a mining machine to wait and see or Stud?

The wind profit returned to the mining industry.

From mining machine manufacturers, dealers to maintenance points, the entire industry chain is not rising.

Daxie and a group of practitioners are doing business in overtime, and there is also a lot of talk about the richness of mining machines. But we should also remember the training of the bear market. Just a year ago, the builders of those industries were cut into the top of the mountain by mining machines because of the wrong timing.

"What is the real big gameplay? When the bear market comes out, a lot of mining machines come out to mine. When the cow comes, it is time to study the timing of selling coins. It doesn't matter if it sells early. The mining machine and the mine site can still sell at a high price. When it comes to the bear market, the miners who wait for the high-position pick-up can't return the electricity bill, and the big-handed backhand low-cost recycling machine." An old miner who has been admitted since 2013 "is a broken machine."

Although they all know the secret of becoming a big man, but there are several people who have the power to make a big decision, and decisively attack in the face of the unknown market.

Going to the Iranian mining machine and returning to the shelves without returning

The story of "Sion's loss of horses, knowing that it is not a blessing" happened to Huang Wenxiang.

At the end of April, Huang Wenxiang bought a large number of second-hand ants S9 from Shenzhen dealers and shipped them to Iran.

Unexpectedly, when the mine was transported to Dubai, and there was only one Persian Gulf distance from the port of Khomeini to be landed, "Iran had a fight and had to be shipped back." Huang Wenxiang’s friend Zhou Kai told the Odaily Planet Daily.

This made Huang Wenxiang panic. The mining machine was unable to mine after 20 days of sailing. Now it is necessary to take a bucket of water and spend the same time to transport the mine back. The missed mining time is a loss.

Fortunately, the bull market signal continued to strengthen and redeem the young miner.

Starting from May 6, Bitcoin opened a new round of gains, breaking through the 6000 and 8000 US dollars. When Huang Wenxiang's “Travel Mining Machine” was shipped back, the price of the mining machine had risen from 1,600 yuan a month ago to 2,100 yuan. Therefore, Huang Wenxiang, who had not yet found a good mine, took the initiative and turned all the mining machines. Not only did he make up for the loss of nearly 40 days of shipping, but he also made a small profit.

Zhou Kai thinks it is still unbelievable. "It is fortunate that the loss is the head of the bull (the beginning of the bull market), and it will be miserable to catch up with the downside."

Zhou Kai was not kidding. The mining machines have to catch up with the winter season since mid-November last year, and prices are likely to shrink by half in January.

At the end of December last year, after the currency price plummeted for one month, S9 tried to reach the shutdown price, and many closed mines were shipped. The second-hand S9 price was as low as seven or eight hundred.

At that time, one of the main distribution centers of the mining machine, Huaqiang North Market, was “the people were not happy.” The Odaily Planet Daily visited it for 7 hours, and no customer came to ask about the mining machine.

However, just four months later, that is, from the "Niu Tau" started in April this year, the balance of supply and demand will be reversed again, and the mining machine will return to the seller's market.

According to the data provided by the mining company “Today's Miners”, the maximum increase of the mining machine has reached 4.5 times compared to the bottom.

The mining machine business of Huaqiang North is once again in the market. The novice miners came from all directions and "joined" the mining business.

"The price is too high to ask"

The mining machine took turns to increase the price. Both the miners took the opportunity to get off the train, and the miners on the plane were directly sold off, and there were also miners who took advantage of the situation.

Chen Yulong, the founder of a mining company, told the Odaily Planet Daily that although he had purchased a lot of ant S9 filling positions at a low price of 860 yuan in the 2-3 months of this year's “decisive battle of the wet season”, he was also concerned about the main Mining machine manufacturers have piled up new mining machines.

“The electricity cost of the new mining machine is relatively low, and some new generation machines are equipped to save electricity for the mine. And the new mining machine is the direction of the next iteration, which can stop the risk of elimination. It cannot be arranged in advance.” Chen Yulong said .

Some new mechanical and electrical expenses accounted for the revenue ratio, data from:

At the end of April, when S17 was just sold, Chen Yulong once rushed to buy a machine with a price of 1.3-1.5 million yuan, which is close to the official website price.

But when bitcoin prices broke through 10,000 and lasted for 14,000 last week, the machine premium doubled to 30,000.

"Don't dare ask these days." Chen Yulong bluntly said.

“The current situation seems to have returned to the second half of 2017, when the market demand for mining machines was three times that of supply.” Steven Mosher, head of global sales and marketing at Jianan Zhizhi, told the media.

The reason for the shortage is also the same as in 2017. Yang Zuoxing, founder of Shenma Mining Machinery, said recently that “the mining capacity is still a bottleneck.”

Stimulated by huge demand, the delivery time of several new mining machine manufacturers, such as Jianan Zhizhi and Shenma Mining, has been scheduled for October.

Whole industry chain price increase, large mining M&A maintenance point

As a practical miner, Chen Yulong does not like the current excitement.

"I prefer a stable bear market. The bear market lasts for a long time and the income is stable. Although it is not much, it is happy." Chen Yulong said frankly. "Now the price of the currency has risen. From buying a mining machine to after-sales, all the links are doubled. Starting from buying a mining machine and earning three or four thousand."

When it came to the maintenance process, according to Chen Yulong, the control panel for repairing a mining machine would cost 30-40 yuan. "Now there is no 80-90 yuan." Moreover, often there is only one maintenance point in a province (a province where non-Sichuan mines are concentrated), and the mining machine is waiting to be put on the shelves. "It is not suitable for returning and transporting, you can only kill anyone."

Mine repairer Zhao Jiancai is also frank, in this cyclical industry, "summer is the grandson, winter is the grandson, so".

"Maintenance does not ask the price now, the basic is to ask when it can be repaired. But I have been here for three years, always, no routine, old customers, and no price increase. Repair a board 50-100 yuan See what the problem is." Zhao Jiancai told Odaily Planet Daily.

According to him, the recent passenger traffic can be 2-3 times a few months ago, and another old repair site that he is familiar with may have recently been “accepted” by an established mining industry.

"Good understanding, the market is good, the big mining industry wants to do business quickly, we will buy and sell mining machines, second-hand mining machine recycling, after-sales maintenance, to do a one-stop. They want to buy the repair point has a lot of skilled masters, overall In other words, it is the big mining industry that wants to change guns and expand operations.” Zhao Jiancai said.

The mine may be one of the BUGs as the whole industry chain rises.

The mine owner Liu Yiheng told the Odaily Planet Daily that there is basically no price increase at the mine site. First, there will be more wetland mines this year; secondly, the mine will not rise too far. “Once you buy electricity and build a factory, it’s like a flight must take off. Fuel costs, service costs, and how much you can recover. So the mine owner’s voice is not strong unless it reaches the market. When it is extremely hot."

Listed companies invest hundreds of millions of mines and are cut to the top

High returns are often accompanied by high risks.

When it comes to the risk of mining, throwing away all kinds of scammers, when buying and selling mining machines, it is also very elegant.

For example, a miner who buys a mining machine in 2018 is likely to lose his money. "That is equivalent to the mining machine (price) of the bull market, digging the bear market currency (low price, low profit), who can return this?" Chen Yulong concluded.

Huatie Technology (603300.SH), which was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, had paid a heavy price for the poor timing of the admission.

On March 9, 2018, Huatie Technology announced that it had invested 70 million yuan (plus registered capital and invested a total of 170 million yuan) into its subsidiary Huatie Hengan to carry out mine construction and mining machine leasing business. From May to June 2018, Huatie Hengan ordered 36,500 “servers” (mineral machines) for the two major mining companies of Jianan Zhizhi and Yibang International for a price of RMB 4,740 per unit, for a total price of RMB 173 million. .

But then, the currency market entered the second half of the bear market, and many miners also cleared the market and the demand for mining machines continued to decline. Affected by this, Huatie Hengan had an operating loss of 110 million yuan. By January of this year, the unsustainable Huatie Hengan was sold at a low price of nearly 60 million yuan.

"The timing of the entrance is wrong, stepping on the waist and tail of the cow, it is easy to flash." Numerous miners have emphasized.

But whether newcomers can understand this rule and whether the elderly can know how to do it is hard to say. Just as we all know that we don’t want to buy a coin and get off the bus, but in fact we are still down.

"What is the real big gameplay? When the bear market comes out, a lot of mining machines come out to mine. When the cow comes, it is time to study the timing of selling coins. It doesn't matter if it sells early. The mining machine and the mine site can still sell at a high price. When it comes to the bear market, the miners who wait for the high-position pick-up can't return the electricity bill, and the big-handed backhand low-cost recycling machine." An old miner who has been admitted since 2013 "is a broken machine."

And the big guys, too, are coming over the lessons. Perhaps only after being repeatedly harvested, can we have the power to make a big decision, and the decision-making will not be carried out with the flow, nor will the FOMO emotions be arbitrarily controlled.

The respondents in the article are all pseudonyms.

Text | Huang Xueyu

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