Getting started with blockchain | How is the blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability application implemented?

As we all know, the blockchain has three characteristics: decentralization, non-tampering, and transparency . The non-tamperable features make the blockchain applicable to many scenarios. Such as privacy protection, digital copyright, anti-counterfeiting of goods and so on.

As blockchains become more popular, more and more application software practitioners are beginning to study blockchains and try to combine them with blockchains to optimize their applications and enhance the user experience. So, today we will talk about how Alipay uses the blockchain to achieve product traceability.

In fact, in the early part of this year, in a popular science program of Zhejiang Satellite TV, Zhizhi Future, Liang Zhiping, the director of Alipay Blockchain, introduced Alipay's blockchain traceability technology in detail.

The popular point is this: You just met a person, she told you her name, age, place of birth and other information, but how can you confirm whether she said it is true? Very simple, just look at her ID card.

Similarly, if you buy a product and want to distinguish its authenticity, you only need to use the blockchain traceability machine to scan its “identity card”, that is, the trace source QR code, you can know every production detail of the product . If you buy a can of milk powder, you can use Alipay to scan the blockchain source code of the product to know the details of the product, such as the origin, company/factory certification information, test report, etc., and each can of milk powder has its own One of the deposits, the only code in the world, is open and transparent, and cannot be tampered with. Users can see at a glance when they purchase the goods.

In the same way, cosmetics is also a sweep of its traceable two-dimensional code, you can know its origin, certification information, traders, logistics routes, etc., and there is a chip on the goods to locate it. So to determine whether it is genuine.

The use of blockchain traceability technology enables merchants to protect their rights and interests, clearly understand the ins and outs of the production process, and optimize the user experience. The specific information of the product has a precise record source, so that users can use the product more safely.

At present, more than 30 application scenarios of blockchain have been realized, such as charity, urban management (rental management), medical bills, electronic prescriptions, cross-regional transportation payments by subway, high-speed rail and trains, etc. Social efficiency has brought great convenience to life.

Although the combination of blockchain and Alipay brings many benefits, blockchain traceability technology still has some significant problems.

For example, although it can record and track the production process of the product, the information recorded in each link is artificially uploaded. The manufacturer can forge or even fabricate the information to be uploaded. The authenticity of the data is still not guaranteed. The problem still has not been solved, and it will even become a tool for black-hearted businesses to make fakes. This is a problem that needs to be studied for a long time.

In short, whether it is commodity traceability, anti-counterfeiting, privacy protection, credit or rights protection, blockchain technology has begun to be applied to our daily life, even if there are still many problems to be solved, but this is The future of the blockchain is worth looking forward to in a period that must be experienced in the emergence and use of any new technology.

The decentralization, non-tampering, and transparency of blockchain technology can also be applied to where in our daily life? Feel free to share your opinion in the message area.




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