Data Monitoring: USDT Transfer Record Partially Appends the Most Newly Added USDT to Transfer Tether from OMNI to Ethereum

Data monitoring on the chain chain in Beijing found that at 18:07 on July 4th, Beijing time, TEDA had transferred some funds to the exchange 24 hours after it sent 100 million USDT to the tether treasure address on the Ethernet, including 1,990,000 USDT. After flowing into the relay address, it is transferred to the Bitfinex exchange. At 17:59 in the afternoon, 15 million USDTs were transferred to the Bitfinex exchange. At the same time, we also monitored the Bitfinex exchange to transfer 15 million omni-usdt to the bitcoin network's tether treasure address, suspected to be Bitfinex trading. The replacement of omni-usdt with erc20-usdt seems to have partly demonstrated that the previous addition of Bitfinex CTO was based on the interpretation of the migration of Tether from OMNI to Ethereum.