Love to spray bitcoin and quietly hold the currency, this gold lover is a little fan

When it comes to the attitude towards Bitcoin, there are two very different perspectives. Some people obviously hate it, most of them don't understand the technology, and others insist on building a world based on decentralized point-to-point currency.

Peter Schiff is firmly on the front side of the camp, but on a recent tweet, he admitted that he holds some bitcoins. Anthony Pompliano, co-founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital, revealed the news yesterday.


"Bitcoin opponent @PeterSchiff recently admitted that he does have some bitcoin. Never listen to what others say, always pay attention to the way they handle the funds!"

Schiff tried to justify himself, saying that he only held $100 worth of bitcoin and was a gift. Pomp offered himself to give him a bit of bitcoin. If Schiff shared his bitcoin address, he would send him about 900,000. As a result, Schiff really sent his own address.

Schiff may be outspoken when criticizing cryptographic assets, but he is still a fairly savvy player. His own company, ShiffGold, accepts BTC and BCH investments in gold and silver. Schiff is not like many other people who have attacked Bitcoin many times, such as Dorothy Roubini, who seems to have tightened his cards.

In another related report, the gold enthusiast said that bitcoiner is spreading the "golden asteroid" theory, trying to devalue the gold market.

“The Bitcoin community mistakenly believes that gold is not scarce in supply, so gold prices will collapse. They say people should use bitcoin instead of gold because bitcoin is even scarcer because you will never find bits on any asteroid. currency."

Most importantly, gold and bitcoin are safer than any legal currency. This explains the recent outstanding performance of both, as more and more countries are trying to manipulate their currencies, which has exacerbated the global economic woes. Just yesterday, US President Trump called for the dollar to depreciate in order to compete with his overseas "competitors."

Max Keiser, a cryptocurrency analyst interviewed for Schiff, recently praised the advantages of financial autonomy in a rather high-profile manner.


“People with 1 million Skon (or less) can be their own owners. Those who have $1 million (or $1 billion) but no Bitcoin are still slaves to the law in a strict sense. History For the first time, poverty is optional. Get some bitcoin and experience freedom from the slavery of the French currency…that is now."