Bitcoin Twitter user map: the most active in the United States, the most negative in Estonia

According to the encrypted data analysis platform The TIE and its latest research, about 38.9% of Bitcoin-related tweets are published by US residents, and 10.5% are from the UK.


Twitter cryptocurrency speech mostly comes from the United States

Have you ever wondered which countries are most active in discussing bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on Twitter? The TIE, an encrypted data analytics infrastructure provider, created a "geographical classification of cryptocurrency tweets" and published its findings through social media platforms.

The TIE said Bitcoin's discussion on Twitter is mainly in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Turkey, India and Australia. It is natural for the United States and the United Kingdom to occupy half of the relevant tweets because they are the largest English-speaking countries in the world.

In addition, Stastata's data released in April this year showed that the United States is the country with the most Twitter users, and the UK is ranked third.


(Global Twitter user distribution, image source: Bitcoinist )

The TIE made a map showing the geographical distribution of Bitcoin tweets, excluding the United States and the United Kingdom.

In addition to Canada, Turkey, India and Australia, other countries that actively discuss Bitcoin include the Netherlands, Japan, France, Germany, Brazil, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa and Indonesia.


(Global Bitcoin tweet distribution (except the US and UK), image source: Bitcoinist )

Who is most optimistic about Bitcoin?

Interestingly, The TIE also published in the study the views of people around the world on Bitcoin.

The United States is quite optimistic, and 61.5% of the tweets related to Bitcoin are optimistic. And 59.8% of the positive tweets about Bitcoin worldwide. Venezuela's Bitcoin has the most negative tweets, accounting for 62%, followed by Mexico, Estonia, Brazil and Ireland. Surprisingly, Estonia is actually dominated by negative tweets, a country that has been praised for its e-government initiatives and even tried to issue a national cryptocurrency.

The TIE also created a map showing the country distribution of Bitcoin positive and negative tweets.


(Global Bitcoin sentiment distribution, image source: Bitcoinist )

The company found that US residents actually talked more about Twitter's upcoming Libra (43.8%) instead of Bitcoin (39.8%) on Twitter. The UK ranked second on Libra-related Twitter, followed by France, Canada and Australia.

At first, Twitter's discussion about Libra was positive, but it has gradually turned negative, especially in the United States. As of Wednesday, 54.8% of the tweets related to Libra were negative.

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