Compared with the original chain Bystack node, the early bird voted to break 30 million votes in 2 hours. Who are the top 20 nodes?

At 3 pm on July 5, the early bird vote was opened than the original Bystack consensus node. In 2 hours, 30 million BTMs participated in the voting. As of 8:00 pm, the top 20 nodes received a total of about 53 million votes, which is evident in the popularity. Judging from the number of votes, the node that is temporarily ranked first is the Cobo wallet, with 11 million votes. The second place is 313 nodes, with 7.4 million votes. The third BEPAL wallet received 6.7 million votes. At present, a total of 14 nodes have more than 1 million votes, and 1 million votes are the basic requirements for becoming a consensus node. For more information on early bird voting than the original Bystack node, please see: