Mt. Gox’s head of the largest creditor organization resigned and said the incident may take years to resolve

Andy Pag, the head of the largest creditor group on behalf of Mt Gox's former users, resigned, saying that it is a protracted legal quagmire that may take years to fully resolve. Andy Pag is the founder of Mt. Gox Legal, focusing on creditors' issues about 18 months ago. He said that some of the reasons include that the judge may take several months to a year to evaluate Coinlab's claim, and if the claim is rejected, the company can file a lawsuit in court, which takes a year. Once this problem is resolved, the creditor can vote on the civil compensation plan, and depending on the outcome, the potential amount paid to the creditor will be significantly different. Pag said, "I have put my career on hold for 18 months. Is it right or happy to choose this thing? I have decided that I would rather choose happiness and continue my life."