Viewpoints | Some "malicious" speculations on how Facebook promotes Libra

The American drama "Mr. Robot", which was launched in 2015, will become a drama. The play accurately predicts the story of the digital currency Ecoin issued by a multinational monopoly. It's inevitable to think of Facebook's Libra today. In the play, there is a very bold setting for Ecoin's release background and promotion method. Whether Libra's next step can be slanted like Ecoin, and the fire is reborn (in the true sense), and ultimately the hegemony. It will be wait and see. Here, to make some small and slightly "malicious" speculations with the mentality of watching the fire across the bank.

The "Hacker Legion" has a total of three seasons, and the score is also increasing quarter by quarter. The background of the story is based on the criticism and reflection of the decadent capitalist system. At the same time, it has been rigorously criticized for topics such as debt, religion, the gap between the rich and the poor, and big companies. The only regret is that the image of China in the play is not well-formed. After all, it is a product of American ideology, and it is not demanding anything.

Why is it "malicious" speculation? Borrowing the words of the first group of protesters in the third quarter of the "Hacker Legion": The government that dominates the world is simply a myth. Big companies that dominate the world need to be wary. — As a new force, multinational corporations are asking for more and more power.

The story of The Hacker Legion is about this: the protagonist is a black hacker and a loophole artist. The buddy made a big vote and blackened the global database of the multinational monopoly giant E company, so that all debts were cleared. The first stage was “all rich and poor”. In the second stage, the paper documents such as the title deeds were blown up. So, is this the “land reform” of the US imperialist version…. At the same time, the whole drama runs through various plots and the struggle between the protagonist and the self-schizophrenia.

The point is that after the attack, Company E began to take the opportunity to promote its own Ecoin payment method. In response to the control of banknotes after the attack ($50 per day), Ecoin also offers discounts. So that 19 countries in the G20 started to use Ecoin, but China chose Bitcoin….have to admire the brains of the writer.

This trick "Why are you sick, want your life" will it be used by Facebook for the promotion of Libra? Will Zuckerbock inherit the ropes of Soros, and re-apply to the small country for a wave of currency wars 2.0? Considering the timing of the launch of Libra Coin: 2020, it is also worth pondering.

In 2020, it is a year of RMB going to sea. From the layout of the Belt and Road, to the domestic policy support, it points to this point in time. In March of this year, the National People's Congress passed a new version of the Foreign Investment Law , with the core being Articles 17 and 21. In short, foreign companies can raise RMB in China and take it away. It will be officially implemented on January 1, 2020. In line with this, the financial industry has gradually liberalized many policy restrictions.

Internationally, the 15 countries of West Africa will also follow the EU's adoption of the unified currency ECO, and the time will be next year. In addition, the recent actions to serve the internationalization of the renminbi are frequent. In 2020, it is destined to be an extraordinary year.

Facebook's Librae currency will not be in the position of the international trade settlement currency, which is the territory of the US dollar. It is infiltrated as a consumer currency. The countryside surrounds the city, and the ants move, borrowing the name of the user, bypassing the policy restrictions of other countries, and eating into the place where the dollar cannot eat.

Again, as Marx said: Money is a commodity that acts as a general equivalent. Goods are money. A banknote as a credit currency is not a currency but a voucher that is disguised as a currency. See the old article "The Origin of Life and Money" for details. The evaluation standard for "vouchers" is its redemption. To say that the good news is called the battle of money, in fact, it is the battle of redemption voucher, the redemption war between redemption voucher.

Don't forget how the gold standard ended. The war expenses made the government unable to pay. The legal currency can only be decoupled from gold. This is a breach of contract. Will the hard currency dollar now default again? I believe that the US dollar has defaulted and imposed tariffs. Today, sanctioning this tomorrow’s sanctions is a breach of the dollar’s ​​redemption. Laomei has been engaged in finance for so many years, and the industry is hollow, and it has not been able to produce goods that can be fully paid. This is not a question that you don't want, but a question that can't be. Hard currency is not as hard as it used to be. The renminbi to go to sea to eat is the market of the dollar, China has goods, capacity, and the ability to pay steel.

So, will it be as set by the Hacking Legion? The dollar broke through the jar, took the initiative to indulge a crisis, and fought against the small country currency that anchored the dollar. Then, with the market share of Facebook, let the balance currency dominate the market? If you follow this script, then the "Hacker Legion" will really be sealed.

Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, the world's largest website, is bound to understand the winners of the Internet. Obviously, digital currency also fits this characteristic. The first person to eat crabs can eat crabs because there is only one crab.

Lenin said that imperialism is the highest stage of capitalism. Replacing free competition with monopoly is the basic feature of imperialism. From the general intermediary to the omnipotent monopolist, becoming the financial oligarchy in the digital currency field is Zuckerberg's next goal. The form of war in the information age is no longer a gun, and the competition is no longer land. The cryptographic digital currency is a currency that nuclear weapons cannot destroy. I even fantasized that a small country president declared a verbal war on Facebook, and Zach Burke sent him a scale to let him call himself a few pounds.

The remarks that separate Libra from Facebook are very ridiculous. There are no Facebook endorsements for 2.7 billion global users. The balance coins are nothing.

Big Data is Big Brother, big data is big brother. Another advantage of Facebook's promotion of Libraco is that it knows the user well. Especially after the addition of artificial intelligence technology, it is no exaggeration to say that Facebook knows users better than users themselves. Fortunately, we don't need Facebook. Then look at the fire across the bank, eat salty radish and worry about it.

In the final scene of the "Hacker Legion", the woman who lost the woman ended the article.

Author: Dou New Britain