Market Analysis: Will Wall Street approve ETH futures, will it lead the coin to set sail?

Yesterday evening, the Wall Street Futures Platform CME adjusted the ETH index, which also appeared in mid-2017. At that time, the Wall Street platform CME and CBOE were released on the upcoming BTC futures, causing the currency price to skyrocket. Wall Street wants to pass ETH. Control the small currency market?

Yesterday night CME announced the adjustment of ETH's index and exchange rate, causing a sensation in the market. Many people think that this is a precursor to CME's upcoming ETH futures. Before the online futures, we must first understand the variety of the transaction. Everyone has a consensus that is the commodity. Before going online, CME will often skyrocket. The long-established CME platform on Wall Street represents the recognition of commodities by mainstream funds. A large number of financial institutions will come to CME to do hedging and trading, which will benefit the price. More influence.

For example, in October last year, CME began to adjust the index. The market sent out rumors that CME is about to launch BTC futures. Then the currency price rose linearly. When CME officially announced the approval of BTC futures in early December, the price of the currency skyrocketed in two straight days. %, until CME officially launched BTC futures, the currency price ushered in an all-time high of $19,788.

Akong feels that once CME announces that it will be on the ETH futures, the price of the currency will definitely rise. The latter ETH futures will also have a crucial impact on the market, because ETH is the leader of the well-deserved altcoin. Many people know that it is now big. Some of the small coins are produced through ETH's ERC20 agreement, which means that ETH is the mother of the cottage. When the small currency crowdfunding, most of them will choose ETH, which will cause the price of ETH to affect the small currency. Price trend.

For example, in the past two days, BTC has become a standout. Everyone feels that the bull market is coming. The price of BTC has also returned to last year, but the market sentiment is far worse than last year. The fundamental reason is that the altcoin market has not yet started, and the small currency market has not yet been activated. The standard currency here is ETH. LTC started, and a small number of people made money. BTC started, and only the coin party earned money. The real big bull market is a general market. Before the small currency rises, ETH will start first. ETH is the real model of the small currency market. He must first rise and rise to make the small currency fully recover. Double the trend.

Since ETH has been weak for a long time since last year, from this year's market, the increase may not even catch up with BTC. This means that the small currency market is still in a weak trend, and the project side is still cashing out the funds. When is ETH appearing independent and rising trend? This means that the project side began to run into the market, and began to see a large amount of new funds, which will also activate the money in the small currency market. This time node is now, it is the CME futures online time node.

You can see that this picture is the exchange rate chart of ETH/BTC. Doing more ETH shorting BTC may be one of the worst operations of the year. The exchange rate continues to fall, representing that the small currency is still in a weak trend. Currently it is only a batch of small coins. The hot market is gradually picking up, and the real small coin holdings are still rising.

Of course, some people told Akong yesterday that the future is an independent bull market for Bitcoin. The small coins will return to zero, and Bitcoin will enter the eternal bull market. Akong feels that this is equivalent to the collective fight of the currency circle. There is only one reason for institutional funds to buy bitcoin. It is considered to be an industry trend. Take out a few percent of your own money. Why do you only buy bitcoin? Just because the market still doesn't understand the currency circle, but the channel of the current market has not been completely released. After the ETH channel is opened, everyone will buy ETH.

To put it bluntly, the rich people don't want to spend time researching digital currency. Don't worry about bitcoin or Ethereum. Listen to the experts saying which currency is good. I can just allocate some money and configure it. Professionals, or institutions, need time to slowly configure, not just buy a coin, so as long as the mainstream currency has risen, the small currency rise is only a matter of time. CME sees such a market trend, the first layout is ETH, once the US platform masters BTC, ETH two big trump cards, basically grasp the majority of the market.

Akong feels that he can focus on the ETH futures online information. Once the ETH futures is announced, it will have a big impact on the small currency.


Yesterday night, USDT made a large amount of money transfer to the big B network, which played a positive role in the price of the currency. From the trend point of view, the currency price has been inserted multiple times at 10,850 US dollars, and the shock box has been continuously reduced, which continues the shock trend. It is necessary to pay attention to such a triangular convergence trend, which is often a precursor to the change. Only when the volume increases by $11,890 can it rise quickly. The operation can be oscillated according to the daily line, and the high throw is low. Next, the BTC was shocked at $11,260.

Resistance levels: 11620, 11890, 12175

Support level: 11260, 10850, 10570


EOSDT is a new project to realize the mortgage function of REX and enrich the EOS ecosystem. The REX hotspots have begun to pick up in the past two days, which has a positive effect on the currency price. From the trend, the currency price is still fluctuating, and the quantity can continue to weaken, which will continue the sideways market. Operation can be wait and see, waiting for the market to change. Next EOS was shocked at $5.72.

Resistance level: 5.86, 6.11, 6.23

Support level: 5.72, 5.63, 5.45


Falcon Bank added XRP's hosting service to play a positive role in the currency price. The price of the currency is still oscillating. The amount can continue to weaken and continue the weak market. The operation can be wait and see. Next, the XRP was flat at $0.379.

Resistance level: 0.388, 0.393, 0.397

Support level: 0.379, 0.374, 0.368


When the price of the currency is uncharacteristically, there is no such thing as a sharp rise in the BTC. The trend is stronger and stronger, and the quantity is still weakening, indicating that the currency price is still converging in the triangle, paying attention to the breakthrough trend. Only if the volume rises above 122.8 dollars, can it rise quickly. The operation can be high and low, waiting for the market to change. Next LTC oscillated at 118.3 yuan.

Resistance level: 121.5, 122.8, 126.5

Support level: 118.3, 116.4, 113.2


Ethereum developers say that ETH will reduce production by 10 times in two years. It is reasonable to say that the two good news should have a short-term uptrend on the price of the currency, but it is still sideways, indicating that the market is still at the key change node. Note that the triangle convergence trend changes. Only when the heavy volume rises above 299.3 US dollars, can the new long-term uptrend trend appear. In accordance with the daily trend of the shock, the operation is high and low, waiting for the market to change. Next, ETH shocked to the bottom of $287.3.

Resistance level: 295.3, 299.3, 302.3

Support level: 287.3, 283.7, 278.5


The quantity and energy are still weakening, and the whole is in a triangle convergence trend. The operation can be high and low, waiting for the market to change. Next BCH was sideways at $397.3.

Resistance levels: 409.4, 415.4, 422.7

Support level: 397.3, 394.3, 386.5

Overall, the mainstream currency market is still fluctuating, waiting for the market to change, I wish you a happy weekend. Author: God empty block chain