Chengdu Public Security cracked a large cyber fraud gang, the victim reported that he was defrauded by investing in bitcoin, etc.

According to Xinhua News, the reporter learned from the Chengdu Public Security Bureau on the 5th that after three months of investigation, Chengdu Public Security successfully destroyed a large cyber fraud gang and arrested 200 suspects. The gang involved more than 900 cyber fraud cases nationwide, involving more than 10 million. On March 11 this year, Chengdu Pengzhou police received a report from the victim that it was defrauded by 870,000 yuan in an online platform by investing in gold, foreign exchange and bitcoin. After three months of investigation and evidence collection, on June 12, the arrest operation was launched in an all-round manner. The members of the criminal gang were wiped out by a net. A total of 200 suspects were arrested and 45 major criminal suspects of the company were arrested.