Analysis: After halving bitcoin or causing 70% of mining machinery, people who insist may still profit

According to Ethereum World News, it is unclear how the halving of Bitcoin will affect miners and bitcoin prices, but miners may shut down mining equipment due to projected losses due to mining returns or declines. Encryption analyst Tone Vays said that technically, until the end of 2020, it is unlikely to be less than $5,000. The worst case scenario is: as Bitcoin halved, the price fell to $5,000; then after halving, 70% of the miners closed due to negative income, the bitcoin price spiraled and then returned to life. He predicts that halving will help bitcoin prices continue to rise, destroying LTC, BCH and other altcoins and consolidating their position in the ecosystem. "They will never become a reserve of value and will depreciate against the BTC." The EWN article said that although reducing the income of miners on the Bitcoin network may hurt its enthusiasm, the lower computing power means that mining is more difficult. low. Therefore, mining a new bitcoin will require less power and computing power, and those who dare to stay will still make a profit.