Historical moments 丨 data show: the total amount of transactions in the bitcoin chain reached 400 million times

The data shows that the number of Bitcoin transactions in the chain has reached 400 million times. As of press time, the number of specific transactions was 420,278,285. Currently, Bitcoin has an average of approximately 350,000 transactions per day. Approximately 14,904 transactions are processed per hour (slightly more than 4 per second). Bitcoin is more suitable for trading than ever before. According to the latest data, 1,956,321 bitcoins ($10.2 billion) were traded on the chain in the past day, which accounted for more than 11% of its total market capitalization. This means that the average cost of using the Bitcoin network has also increased, and the bitcoin cost doubled in the first week of April, from approximately 0.000169 BTC ($0.88) to 0.00043553 BTC ($2.27), however, the current bit The average cost of currency transaction fees is still less than 0.0005 bitcoin ($2.60).