Guangming Daily: Supporting technological innovations such as blockchain in the credit sector, promoting credit product innovation and credit service market development

Recently, Guangming Daily published the article "Building a world-class business environment with credit as the focus". The article pointed out that to comprehensively promote the construction of integrity and achieve high-quality economic development, we must accelerate the construction of a social credit system. These include strengthening credit information sharing and vigorously developing the credit service industry. We will promote the collection of all kinds of government credit data, carry out pilot demonstrations of credit big data, and realize the joint construction and sharing of public credit information and social third-party credit information. Introduce innovative policies for promoting credit service industry, foster comprehensive credit service institutions with strong market credibility and international influence, accelerate the integration and opening of government data and market main data, and support technologies such as big data, blockchain and artificial intelligence in the credit field. Innovation, promote credit product innovation and credit service market development.