Xiong Yan, Chairman of Guofu Capital: The maturity of technologies such as blockchain can alleviate the difficulty of financing for SMEs

According to Caijing.com, on July 7, at the 2019 China Fortune Forum, Xiong Yan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Guofu Capital and Chairman of Qingjin, said, “In recent years, great progress has been made in the pledge financing of accounts receivable, which has become a relief. SME financing is a very important solution. However, inventory financing has experienced a lot of discussion and there have been ups and downs.” He also pointed out that “now with the Internet technology, especially the Internet of Things technology, big data technology, including the blockchain technology gradually Mature, this problem is greatly improved from the possibility of technical solutions. Our institutions are now planning with Qingdao Port to build a test field based on electronic warehouse receipts, underlying technology and blockchain technology in Qingdao Port."