The company will focus on promoting the related work from four aspects: promoting the blockchain in the innovation and application of the industrial Internet platform.

According to the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, on April 9th, the 2019 Blockchain Technology and Data Governance Summit Forum was held in Beijing. Li Ying, inspector of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Software Services, attended and delivered a speech: Blockchain is the integration of multiple technologies. Innovative application, with the characteristics of open and transparent data, unsuitable tampering, and easy to trace. As an industry management department, the Informatization and Software Service Industry Department attaches great importance to the cultivation and application of the blockchain's industrial capabilities, and actively takes effective measures to promote blockchain-related industry research, technology research and development and application promotion. In the follow-up, we will continue to pragmatically advance relevant work from four aspects: first, to deeply grasp the blockchain technology and industrial development trends; second, to strengthen the core technology capacity building of blockchain; third, to establish and improve the blockchain standard system; It is focused on promoting the innovative application of blockchain in the industrial Internet platform.