Analysis of the madman market on July 5: Once you have Bitcoin, the world will be happy with you.

Market analysis

There are not many markets to say, and it oscillated for one day in 11,000-12000. From today's decline, the probability of directly falling below 11,000 is not very large. Most of the mainstream and small currencies have outperformed Bitcoin, so in the short term. The market will still oscillate in this range. During the shock period, we can pay more attention to mainstream coins and small currencies. The funds will return during this period. If we hold the mentality of making money, perhaps the mainstream currency and the small currency are short-term. Opportunity.


The fallback is already weak, and the rebound can happen at any time, so you can continue to hold it.


The continued large amount of money transfer in the chain is still a short-term problem for him. Today, he has created a recent low, which also indicates the short-term continued weakness and still does not recommend participation.


Yesterday, when Fat Li lived, it really rushed, but most of them were retail investors, and the big funds did not move. Therefore, the short-term trend is still weak. The support level 115, such as heavy volume, needs short-term stop loss.


The strength of the killings has been weakened for several consecutive days, and the joint Ethereum is the main one.


Analysis of the madman market on July 5: Once you have Bitcoin, the world will be happy with you.

Today, the Ministry of Transport of the People's Republic of China should vigorously promote the issuance of high-speed ETC. The foreigners did not go up this time. I remember the photo of the traffic jam at the toll booth before the Spring Festival. The foreigners saw the news and pulled the ETC crazy. It seems that this is the short-term. The shock is dominant.


Still weak, don't participate first, this position should not go straight down, but before the trend is reversed, don't play.


Sun Yuchen kindly invited the ADA founder to eat, but was sprayed by the ADA, saying that he is not a deceptive project, not to eat with those who are marketing, to do technology well, hahaha, really a straight man, wave The field is estimated to wait for the meal, everyone expects to be cold, and it will be almost lifted.

Platform currency:

HT fell below the 5th line and may oscillate and callback. The one-day plunging will not appear for the time being. OKB still has not successfully broken through the jail zone, but this willingness is always good, you can hold it first. BNB is still relatively weak, and if it is on the future, it is expected to pull up.

There is nothing else to say, the mainstream currency continues to be held, the long-term plan for Bitcoin remains unchanged, and the small currency is easy to understand. If you don’t understand, don’t ask others, don’t consider buying, just be practical. It's OK to do mainstream currency. After all, the risk of zero-coin zeroing is too great. If you don't cut the meat after you buy it, you will be overwhelmed, so you can understand it clearly. The logic can be clearer.

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