Chen Daofu, Development Research Center of the State Council: Libra is the nature of digital assets, digital currency plus currency

According to the financial network news, on July 7, at the 2019 China Fortune Forum, Chen Daofu, deputy director of the Financial Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council, said in a speech, "We found that the payment system often talks about the reduction of the dimension, this payment system is at the top. Design, future technical research direction, has a decisive effect on the payment system, you are based on card or blockchain technology, distributed accounting, to say how the efficiency of the account is verified, how to achieve Everyone's trust in this account is a key to the efficiency of this payment system. Originally based on bank account efficiency and card-based efficiency and blockchain-based efficiency, you will find that it is not a dimension." He also pointed out that Libra is a digital asset, a digital currency plus the nature of money. Does currency regulation necessarily require national currency? The future is open, but money needs to be tamed and needs to be managed. Although the road is tortuous, the future must be colorful.