Director of the Central Bank Research Bureau: The next phase of the central bank may study in depth the issues related to encrypted digital currency such as Libra

According to the financial community, on July 8, Wang Xin, director of the Research Bureau of the Central Bank, said at the first academic seminar of the Digital Finance Open Research Program that the central bank is always concerned with the research and development of financial technology applications. The next stage worthy of in-depth research includes: Libra and other issues related to encryption of digital currency, such as whether it will form a legal digital currency, a few digital stable currency coexistence pattern; explore digital finance to better support the development of the real economy, should develop diversified, all-round financial services; improve the framework of financial technology regulatory system To develop regulatory technology, how to integrate technology giants into a macro-prudential regulatory framework; strengthen digital financial infrastructure construction; and strengthen international coordination and cooperation in the field of digital finance.