Data shows: Bitcoin computing power broke through new highs last week

According to Tokenview data, as of 10 o'clock today, the real-time computing power of Bitcoin is 62.5 EH/s, the calculation power of Ethereum is 176.13 TH/s, and the computing power of Litecoin is 438.77 TH/s. At present, Bitcoin has not confirmed 663 transactions, and the median transaction fee is 0.6566 USD. The number of transactions to be confirmed and the transfer fee are low on the whole network, which is suitable for chain transfer. Last week (7.1-7.7) bitcoin computing power broke through 70 EH/s, hitting a record high of 74.05 EH/s on July 6, and then fell back slightly. Ethereum's computing power was stable at around 175 TH/s.