The data shows that bitcoin trading volume and chain index both fell

According to Tokenview data, last week's (2019.7.1-7.7) bitcoin chain index rose steadily, the average daily active address number was 784,384, down 12.5% ​​from last week; the average daily new address number was 381476, compared with Week fell by 9.06%. The number of transactions per day on the average chain was 354,139, down 4.83% from the previous week; the average daily transfer amount for a single transfer greater than 100 BTC was 847, down 49.6% from last week. Bitcoin quickly rebounded to 11,000 USDT after falling below 10,000 USDT last week, and then oscillated around the position, the trading volume continued to shrink, while the number of new and active addresses on the weekend decreased habitually, and the number of large transactions fell sharply. Disk, it is recommended to wait until the trend is determined before proceeding.