The report shows that last week's BTC chain trading activity curve showed a continuous decline

On July 8th, the weekly report released by OKEx official Weibo showed that the bitcoin (BTC) chain trading activity curve showed a continuous downward trend last week. The miners' fees were reduced every day, and the lowest was reduced to 45.61655545 BTC on Sunday. The lowest level in 3 months. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the recent secondary market performance is flat, and prices continue to fluctuate in a narrow range, which greatly reduces the investor's trading enthusiasm. However, this is only temporary. It is expected that this narrow range of volatility will end in the next one to two weeks. Once the market closes, the chain activity will rise again. Last week, the trading volume curve of the Ethereum (ETH) chain fluctuated at a high level, which also hit the lowest level of the week on Sunday, and also hit a new low of more than two months. The trading volume on the chain was 582,067 ETH.