Wang Xin, Director of the Central Bank Research Bureau: Strengthening international negotiations on libra and central bank digital currency

According to Sina Finance News, on July 8, at the launching ceremony and the first academic seminar of the Digital Finance Open Research Program, Wang Xin, the director of the Central Bank Research Bureau, said that the central bank's digital currency will help improve the effectiveness of monetary policy and optimize the central bank's monetary payment function. To increase the central bank's monetary status and the effectiveness of the quantity of money. At the same time, however, financial technology has increased the risk of financial disintermediation and brought about regulatory arbitrage risks. He also pointed out that many Internet companies in China are transforming into financial technology companies, and their financial supervision issues cannot be ignored. There are differences in the regulatory concepts, models and specific measures of digital finance in various countries, and the issue of transnational regulatory arbitrage is difficult to avoid. He said that it is necessary to strengthen international coordination and cooperation in the field of digital finance, strengthen international consultations in libra and central bank digital currency, and express concern and promptly promote international standards and rules that are conducive to China.