Peking University Huang Yiping: In the short term, Libra is still very difficult to land. Domestic supervision needs to embrace new technology under control risks.

On July 8, at the launching ceremony and the first academic seminar of the Digital Finance Research Open Plan held by Peking University, Huang Yiping, director of the Digital Finance Research Center of Peking University, said that Libra is still very difficult to settle in the short term, but the real challenge is What does Libra mean when it is pushed away. Libra's main function is at the international payment level. China's e-wallet is like a guerrilla. Even if Facebook's Libra is unsuccessful, JP Morgan will keep up. Once the payment method such as “Libra” is popular, there may be no money in many small countries, and how to continue to promote the internationalization of the RMB? In addition, whether the core of the stable currency issued by Facebook or JP Morgan is the US dollar, it is also helpful to consolidate the status of the US dollar. In the past, China has taken strict regulatory measures against digital currency risk concerns. Huang Yiping said that it is right to see such measures now. But you should embrace new technologies while trying to control past risk factors.