Lawyer Zhang Qihuai accepts Li Xiaolai's entrustment and issues a lawyer's statement on the speech of OTCBTC founder Zheng Yiting

On the evening of July 7, Zhang Qihuai, a lawyer of Lanpeng Law Firm, announced that Weibo had accepted the entrustment of Mr. Li Xiaolai and issued a statement on the untrue statements of the client about Ms. Zheng Yiting (the founder of OTCBTC). . On July 6, 2019, Ms. Zheng Yiting published "Li Xiaolai may be the most jaw-dropping swindler you have ever seen in this life…", openly fabricating false facts and smearing the client, expressing the sinister client with misrepresentation, spreading and distributing False statements that discredit the reputation of the client. After the publication of the aforementioned infringement article, some online media and online users reprinted without verifying the facts, and publicized and spread the false statements that smashed the client. Ms. Zheng Yiting and some unidentified truths about the behavior of online media and online users have undermined the image of the client, derogated from the personality of the client, caused the public to misunderstand the client, and reduced the social evaluation of the client. The client has been seriously infringed. The right to reputation and other legitimate rights and interests. In view of this, the lawyer on behalf of the client formally requested Ms. Zheng Yiting and the reprinted online media, network users, and network service providers to immediately delete the infringing articles and all the reprints containing the infringing articles, disconnect the infringing articles, and publicly apologize. . At the same time, I hope that the public and the media will stop reprinting and disseminate false statements that undermine the reputation of the client. The client reserves the right to pursue the legal liability of the judicial authorities in order to refuse to stop the infringer.