The data shows that the number of Dapps with more than 20,000 Q1 transactions in EOS2019 ranks first.

According to RatingDapp and RatingToken, DAPP ecological monitoring of ETH, EOS and TRON three public chain platforms shows that Dapp: ETH has 7 models with 2019Q1 transactions, ETH has 95 models, ERON has 68 models, and TRON has 68 models. The highest Dapp is divided into IDEX (ETH, 669,913), BetDice (EOS, 41,116,136), TRONbet (TRON, 466,474,42), and the three most popular Dapps on the public-chain platform are divided into Livepeer (ETH, 22,751), HASH. BABY (EOS, 81488), Fishing Master (TRON, 205123).