Jiang Jiazhi: The future of blockchain, trading is the core function

Babbitt reported that at the CoinExChain white paper conference held in Shenzhen today, Jiang Jiazhi, head of CoinExChain, said in his speech that decentralized transactions are mainly reflected in registration-free (no license), exemption from audit, no single point of failure, and no funds. Hosting and data cannot be tampered with, but the existing public chain is limited by the basic capabilities and cannot meet the decentralized trading needs, so a public chain dedicated to transactions is needed. CoinExChain is insisting on creating an unlicensed decentralized network. He believes that in the future of blockchain, trading is the core function. In addition, positioning the next-generation financial infrastructure, CoinExChain will also appear in the future based on blockchain-based payment, deposit and loan, securities and insurance business.