Yang Haipo: CoinEx Chain test network officially launched today, the main network is expected to be online within 2-3 months

Babbitt reported that at the CoinExChain white paper conference held in Shenzhen today, CoinEx founder and ViaBTCCEO Yang Haipo said in the speech that CoinExChain chose to set up 42 nodes, which is a compromise between decentralization and efficiency. Nodes will participate in DEX's infrastructure building, chain governance and operations, and will receive DEX revenue share and mining incentives. At the same time, CoinEx launched a node support program to support a number of nodes contributing to DEX infrastructure and community building, and voted for support nodes without requiring revenue sharing. Finally, he announced that the CoinExChain test network was officially launched today. The average test time of the test network is 2.7 seconds; the main network is expected to be officially launched within 2-3 months.