Wang Wei: In the short to medium term, the main meaning of the cross-chain based on the relay mechanism is “expansion” rather than “interconnection”.

Babbitt reported that at the CoinExChain white paper conference held in Shenzhen today, CoinEx Chain core developer Wang Wei said in his speech that in the short to medium term, the cross-chain based on relay mechanism will be limited to "small group". The main meaning is "expansion" rather than "interconnection." CoinExChain combines the Relay and Notary mechanisms to develop a de-centralization and implementation of the Lite-Relay mechanism at a cost. At the same time, SmartContract public chain will develop better ADS to improve the execution speed of smart contracts; pay attention to the progress of Move language and its virtual machines, and launch test network in due course. CoinEx Chain cryptographer Wen Long said that CoinEx Chain will improve the signature mechanism and improve the security of the private key. The Privacy Public Link will use the Account model's complete privacy solution, Zether, and other cutting-edge advancements to implement privacy protection.