The data shows that 147 Dapp active users have changed significantly from positive and negative 50% in the previous day.

According to RatingToken big data monitoring, EOS/ETH/TRON's three major public-chain platforms Dapps have more than 10,000 transactions in the past week (80 in the gaming category, 34 in the game category, 14 in the market category, and 1 in the risk category). 1, social class 1 and other 14 models), of which 147 yesterday's active users showed a sharp change of more than 50% compared with the previous day. The biggest gainers were: LIMITLESS (15684, +911.87%) and LOTEO (10, +900). %), UnlimitedTower (440, +645.76%); the biggest Dapps were: GGS (3,-97.06%), Poker EOS (25,-95.46%), EOSBAC (Baccarat) (4,-92.59%) ).