Analysis of the madman market on July 8: How will the central bank's legal digital currency issue change?

Analysis of the madman market on July 8: How will the central bank's legal digital currency issue change?

Market analysis

Bitcoin shocks are not finished. In the fifth day of Bitcoin shock, the market has seen the dawn of making money. The mainstream currency led by ETH, ADA, TRX has risen more than 4%, and others have not kept up. The feeling of rising mode is still not determined. Many funds are observing whether Bitcoin can return to the 12000 mark. This position can only be re-attacked before the bulls can start a full counterattack. Therefore, the madman still recommends that everyone continue to wait and see with the big funds, waiting for the market to choose the direction and then go home.


Today, the heavy-duty upswing, out of the turbulent haze, is currently oscillating around the 305 pressure level, the upper strong pressure is 325, before the breakthrough is difficult to say the market reversal, so the madman expects the market will continue to oscillate around 300.


After the continuous yin fall and break through the support level, it ushered in a rebound today. The amount of energy is normal, and the rebound pressure is 0.083. It is difficult to say that the trend is reversed.


The biggest gainer today, the reason is that FOMO3D developed a second game last night called JUST GAME. The game is based on wave field development, so all players need to buy and lock TRX to play games. The wave field has come out of the market of independent rise. This game madman looked at the rules, it is estimated that there are no more FOMO3D players, so the persistence of the rise is limited, it is not recommended that everyone chase after.

Most of the other mainstream currencies have not changed the downward trend of the shock, so the market is likely to rebound in the short-term, and everyone will continue to observe the half-storage.

Platform currency:

HT started the second round of voting. Affected by this, it rose slightly. The market is now immune to these basics and it is difficult to sustain.

BNB stabilized for a short time, with a strong pressure of 35, to see if it can stand back.

OKB continues to oscillate and can be held first to see if there is any upswing.

If you don't talk about the small coins, there are not many opportunities. If you want to play more than 20% in a single day, don't chase them. If you are willing to play, you will have tossing up to eight thousand pieces. The focus is on mainstream coins.

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