I quit my job and travel with cryptocurrency. After 3 months, she still chose HODL.

Critics of cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum often say that no one will use cryptocurrencies, and no one even accepts such payment methods in their daily lives, such as shopping or traveling. It is especially challenging to rely solely on cryptocurrencies to travel.

Recently, a video blogger from Australia's Gold Coast launched a 12-week "cryptocurrency challenge." She set a goal to travel to Europe to participate in the annual London Blockchain Week to learn more about the career opportunities offered by cryptocurrencies and blockchains.


She resigned for the cryptocurrency and she started the 12-week challenge

Jaide Barclay abandoned the ordinary life on the Australian Gold Coast and switched to the cryptocurrency industry.

In 2017, she began investing in cryptocurrencies like many people, and she was fascinated with this emerging technology and disruptive financial assets. Recently, she decided to further participate in the field of cryptocurrency and travel to Europe by air, with the goal of participating in the London blockchain week.

Before the trip, Barclay claimed that she had never bought anything in cryptocurrency, but given her interest in such digital assets and her passion for travel and learning, she decided to challenge herself to see if she could travel. Live on cryptocurrency.

The cryptocurrency payment was delayed by HODL

Barclay traveled through seven countries and 16 cities on this trip, relying solely on cryptocurrencies to pay for goods and services. She also recorded the entire process with a vlog.

Barclay has just completed her challenge, she said, finding a place to accept cryptocurrencies is easy, just search for relevant information on Google.

“I searched Google for some places that accept cryptocurrency payments,” she added, adding that these places are “either physical stores or sites that can be paid in cryptocurrencies.”

However, as the 12-week challenge came to an end, Barclay admitted that she did not want to spend the crypto assets anymore, because at the end of her journey, the price of Bitcoin rose a lot.

Although the HODL effect limits her ability to pay for cryptocurrencies, Barclay does believe that every year "we will see more and more places accept it, more and more people understand what it is" and, as the market matures The price will no longer fluctuate drastically, and more and more people will start using it."