Coin An DEX launched 37 projects with a break rate of over 70%

On April 23, the company announced that it officially launched its decentralized exchange currency, DEX, and went online on April 26 for the first transaction against MITH/BNB. As of now, the currency security DEX has launched a total of 37 BNB-based trading pairs.

The financial network and chain financial statistics show the performance of Token, the official currency of the currency exchange DEX exchange from April this year to July 8.

We found that the 37 projects had a break rate of over 70%. Among them, the biggest decline Token is EBST, its opening price is 0.033BNB, the current offer is 0.00022745 BNB, a decrease of 99%; followed by MDAB, the opening price is 0.02 BNB, the current offer is 0.00074 BNB, a decrease of 96% .


Currency Ann Dex Exchange Currency Performance

Contrary to the trend of the “Den Red Light” of the coin-based DEX project, the price of the coin platform coins continued to rise. According to CoinmarketCap data, BNB has now jumped to become the seventh currency in the market value of cryptocurrency. As of July 8, the total market value of BNB exceeded $4.7 billion, and the price of a single currency exceeded $33. In the past six months, the price of BNB has increased fivefold. The largest holder of BNB is the founding team of Coin, holding 40% of BNB.


CoinmarketCap Coin Antbank BNB Price

Following the reopening of the Dollar Launchpad at the beginning of this year, major exchanges set off the IEO (“Initial Exchange Offerings”) flash. Relying on the take-off of the coin DEX, the coin circle reproduces the new IDO gameplay. RavenProtocol (Raven) conducted IDO, Initial DEXOffering on the Dean of Dean on June 17th, that is, the user needs to subscribe for the item token on the decentralized exchange.

However, users have mixed opinions on this IDO. Some users claim that IDO is unfair to retail investors or fraudulent.

@Babaganush111 sent a tweet: "I saw the DEX page at startup time is 404. After a while, I found that the price was 0.0005BNB. Before the price was 0.00005BNB, it was obviously deceiving. I was cut 40 BNBs. , where to say it."

For the user's complaint against IDO, the CEO of Changan Zhao Changpeng responded in the fourth “Wantful Answers” ​​live event: “IDO is very different from IEO (the first trading platform). IDO is not controlled by us, we actually It has zero control and zero participation. The Raven Protocol project decides that they want to carry out an IDO. They promise to sell the tokens at different times and in different quantities. Nothing can control this process. If you want to sell tokens on the trading platform, you can sell them, no one can stop you. So, IDO and IEO are very different. IDO has nothing to do with us. It is completely independent of the currency or the currency. Running outside the DEX community/team is beyond anyone's control. If you are involved in IDO, you need to make sure that you understand all the rules and how DEX works, how its technology is going. You must rely on yourself, all Be very cautious. IEO is completely different. Any Launchpad sales contributed by has been reviewed by We will do our due diligence and carefully choose carefully. The choice of projects, this is very different, we are actually guaranteed by our own brand reputation. And IDO is completely different. You must understand this."

However, Sun Bo, a researcher at a blockchain research institute, once said to on the financial network: "The currency is still a letter of credit for the brand of DEX, and the brand is endorsed."

He Yi, co-founder of the currency security company, once mentioned that the biggest advantage of the currency-based DEX compared to other decentralized exchanges is the huge user group that the currency security itself has accumulated over the past few years.

Thanks to the huge user base accumulated by the currency, the coin-based DEX loose currency mechanism, the currency security not only expands the application scenario of BNB, but also stimulates the market demand for BNB. At the same time, the new game IDO and the decentralized exchange DEX once again made the money earned enough. However, when the dispute arises, the break rate is as high as 70%. The project party suspects that the IDO process is sold to retail investors at 10 times after the subscription. Who is the user who trusts the currency security? The currency security is perfectly congested with “decentralization, zero control, zero participation”.