Use the scan code payment function to enjoy the consumption of world-renowned merchants and improve the practicality of CRO

Purchase gift cards and get up to 10% rebate

Image001 is committed to promoting blockchain assets globally and has launched a new scan code payment gift card product. App users can shop with gift cards in more than 40 world-renowned brands, and receive up to 10% CRO rebate for each purchase.

The best way to pay for blockchain assets : Simply purchase gift cards from your app's blockchain assets through our app, which can be consumed in the world's hot online and offline stores.

Improve CRO usability : When you use CRO to purchase a gift card, you can get a CRO rebate. You can get up to 10% double rebate if the following conditions are met:

• Have active chain council node seats or

• Hold no less than 10,000 CROs in the App when purchasing a gift card

For more details on the scan code payment award, please see here .

More business options : You can purchase gift cards in 9 different categories and more than 40 well-known brands, including airlines, hotels, games, fashion, restaurants, retail, entertainment, taxi services and supermarkets. We will add more businesses.


You don't have to wait for your favorite brand to support blockchain asset payments. We currently support about 50 brands and will continue to add gift cards for different brands.

Send a gift to your friends : You can buy a gift card as a gift! Just share the gift card code, link or email with your friends and they will also be able to enjoy the product.


Share gift cards with your friends and get them started using apps!


• Gift cards are subject to availability in the country and region.

• does not have any direct relationship with the brands or merchants offered.

For more details on the Scanner Payment Gift Card, please see here.


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