Circle CEO: The Libra Association's alliance model is the right setting for next-generation blockchain technology

According to Daily Hodl, Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire said in an interview with Bloomberg that encryption technology is at a “great turning point” and may launch a new wave of active supervision around the world, and regard Facebook’s Libra as the whole. A major step forward in the encryption industry. Allaire said: "I think the Libra and Libra Association's statement will have a comprehensive impact. First, this will strengthen the world's general understanding of cryptocurrencies. In addition, this will be the focus. It will help those interested in this. Individuals and businesses gain greater visibility, and ultimately, we believe it will help ensure that billions of people can enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrencies in the financial system.” Allaire pointed out that the development of the public blockchain has just begun, he believes Libra Association The alliance model is the correct setting for the next generation of blockchain technology. He also expects Libra to launch a digital asset regulatory framework that defines how they will operate in the broader financial arena.